Khaosan at night is renowned for its anything-goes reputation. You can get up to all sorts of shenanigans. Dance the night away in the middle of the street. Drink up on endless buckets of mystery cocktails. Meet and mingle with fellow travellers from all over the world. But there’s more than initially meets the eye! There’s been a change on the scene, and not every Khaosan road bar is the same. Streats Bar & Bistro is one of them, set to expand minds on what is available in the neighbourhood. There’s literally a bar for every taste, thanks to a recent upswing in the nightlife scene.



No time like the present for an unforgettable night on the town! Say goodbye to the tired old clichés of Khaosan road bar stories of the past years. Now, it’s all about a nightlife that brims with character. Unique bars and drinking spots call out to be explored. From local roof top bars to cool jazz clubs in an intimate setting, it’s never been cooler to be in this part of town.



Streats Bar & Bistro is part of the cool crowd. Spend your days and nights hanging out with the crew at Streats, where the drinks flow easy and the vibes are chill. Open from 8 am til late, feel at home every time you come to Streats. It’s a Khaosan road bar for friends! Pick a comfy area on one of the couches or bean bags, or perch alluringly by the bar and people-watch. There’s air-conditioning, too! The large screens often play the match of the night to keep the footie fanatics occupied. Come on the nights the house band The Mixed ‘N Trio is playing their infectiously good sets and you’ll be singing right alongside them.



When it comes to drinks, the bartenders at Streats have you covered and then some! From draught beer to spirits and cocktails of every sort. There’s even mocktails and freshly blended fruit-shakes for those teetotallers! Our recommendation? The bucket-sized XXL Streats signature cocktails, perfect for sharing! Also, don’t say we didn’t tell you— remember to check the official website for what promotions and happy hours are available. Need some sustenance with your fluid intake? The bistro-style cuisine should make even the pickiest of eaters happy. Partake in oven-fresh pizzas, or Thai fusion dishes like the signature lobster pad thai. There are even late-night specials for all you night owls out there.



With that said, still feeling like exploring what else Bangkok nightlife has to offer? Or have you seen The Hangover Part II a few too many times? Of course, the Big Mango has more up its sleeve than a Khaosan road bar. There’s a club or bar catering to virtually every music genre, along with pop-up experiences and music festivals.

Here are some must try experiences:

  • A true blue sky bar. It needs to be at least 20 stories up, or it doesn’t count! Bangkok has no one true skyline, so you can pick and choose which vista you prefer. Or go by budget, notoriety or location. Great skyline and cocktail pictures are guaranteed, no matter which one you choose!
  • A hidden bar. Explore a traditional speakeasy with a hidden entrance or a more modern take on theme. It’s perfect for people who need a bit of a challenge, but want a glass of something strong as their reward.
  • A themed bar. You know, the sky’s the limit and the themes are more creative than ever! Chinoiserie, tropical themed, retro or slick—pick a theme out of a hat and there’s likely a bar like that in Bangkok.
  • A packed clubbing joint. Craving some strobing lights and a throbbing sound system? You’re in the right spot in Bangkok! Pick your music genre and get ready to party!



Remember that even though Bangkok’s notorious traffic is less at night, it’s not entirely gone. As mentioned above, there’s not just one ultimate Bangkok nightlife destination. If you plan on bar-hopping around different neighbourhoods, you might spend more time in transit than having a good time. Let’s face it, no one enjoys spending minutes and hours locked in traffic. Maybe the journeys to and fro might not feel worth it. But here’s the thing, you might find yourself yearning for the down-home vibes of your favourite Khaosan road bar. If that’s the case, head back into the welcome embrace of Streats Bar & Bistro! The team is always ready for you and a fun night out.



So if you’re committed to your car, the next question is where to park it. Never fear, that’s where the best car park in Khaosan comes in. The car park in ibis Styles Bangkok Khaosan Viengtai is the most convenient choice. Well-lit, with 5 floors and ample space for 150 cars. Guests at Streats Bar & Bistro can relax and know that for every THB 300 spent, you get 5 hours of free parking. From there, the world is your shimmering oyster. Spend the night roaming and making new memories, knowing your car is safe and sound. Convenience has truly never been easier! Also, if you’re having too much fun at this Khaosan road bar, just spend the night! The signature SweetBed in each of the 215 rooms of the hotel is waiting for you.