Food is central to so many fantastic memories. The hunger for something memorable affects us all, whether you are a traveler ready to explore a new city or a local looking to check out a hidden gem. It should be authentic, it should be accessible and above all, it should be memorable. Read on to find out why Streats Bar & Bistro is a Khaosan road restaurant that ticks off all these boxes!



Khaosan road is more than “just” a backpacker haunt. It’s a true melting pot of cultures and travellers from different background coming together. You’ll never be bored walking around! And of course, everyone is looking for a delicious bite to eat. Accordingly, all variants of Thai and international food are represented. Imagine yourself as a flavour explorer… just be sure to look a little bit deeper if what you seek is authentic flavour that the locals enjoy.



Did you know? Khaosan road counts as a part of Bangkok’s old town. It’s an area of Bangkok steeped in history, with neighbourhoods of people and businesses that have been there for ages. As a result, there are many “mom and pop” family restaurants still offering familiar flavours to new generations of patrons. A recent revival has seen more newer businesses join the area, adding a touch of modernity and variety. It’s a win-win situation for any hungry traveller or local in the know. Part of the fun is discovering your own favourite Khaosan road restaurant.

But there are some dishes any visitor needs to sample when in the area. Have a look at our little round-up!



  • Jira Noodles: Don’t be alarmed by the pink soup colour— that’s just from the fermented soy bean paste that forms the soup base.
  • Kanom Fak Bua: Named after their showerhead shape, this light and airy yet delicious dessert is hard to find.
  • Khao Chae: Normally a beloved summer delicacy to cool off, this treat is available year around in this area. A popular stall can be found in front of Tanghuaseng department store.
  • Fresh fruits: Simple, cheap and oh so delicious! The fruit sellers will cut the fruit up immediately after your order.

If you’re looking for some international flavours instead, never fret! The cuisines you can sample in the area include Israeli, Canadian, Japanese, Korean, Indian and more.


If you seek a Khaosan road restaurant that’s here to make everyone happy, Streats is the place for you! Streats Bar & Bistro offers the best of international and Thai cuisine, starting at pocket-friendly prices with generous portions. No need to worry about having to look fancy as well! At Streats, come as you are! The homey yet comfortably chic vibes of Streats mean you will feel right at home. Pick a seat in the al fresco zone, where you can watch the streetside action as the day goes by. Or, get settled at the laid-back sofa and beanbag zone. Here with the posse? Streats Bar & Bistro can definitely handle large groups in style. Our recommendation is the always refreshing air-conditioned semi-outdoor area. It’s simply perfect to escape the sultry Bangkok heat.


When it comes to food, Streats will keep you coming back for more! Savour hard to find dishes like yum kamin khao, highlighting beloved ingredients to new generations. Or, see just how the Streats kitchen team transforms Thai classics like pad krapao or tom yum kung into must-try dishes. Street food and appetisers like tod mun fishcakes or chicken satay also get the Streats treatment. Be sure to try classic Thai desserts like mango and sticky rice or lod chong Viengtai, too! But if you yearn for some Western comfort food, you’re also in the right spot. Go big or go home with hefty burgers and the longest hot dog in Khaosan! Or go for the best of both worlds with fun fusion dishes like the lobster pad Thai. Streats is where delicious flavours are waiting for you.



But there’s not just food to be enjoyed at Streats Bar & Bistro. It’s also home to many exciting events such as themed DJ nights and live music performances. The Streats house band The Mixed N’ Trio hails from the Philippines and plays many nights a week. They’re all about bringing fun tunes and making memorable nights—a must to see live! It’s also possible to rent out Streats Bar & Bistro for your own special party or event. The sky’s the limit!



There, we said it! Whatever your plans in this part of town, rest assured your car is in good hands. Even better, for every THB 300 spent, enjoy 5 hours free parking. If you’re feeling full from your meal at Streats, consider it fuel before the night goes on! You’re conveniently next to the epicentre of the nightly shenanigans that take place in Khaosan road. Mingle with the crowds and come back with more memories and a few new friends! Remember, you can always book a room to sleep it off at ibis Styles Bangkok Khaosan Viengtai. There are many other nightlife options in the area, which include rooftop bars and jazz bars. But be sure to start every night off at the best Khaosan road restaurant in town: Streats Bar & Bistro!

Looking for a Khaosan Thai restaurant that ticks all the boxes for authentic flavours and inviting ambiance? Streats has you sorted!

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