Being a tourist nowadays is about more than ticking off sights on your bucket list. Oftentimes, partaking in the local cuisine is a key part of travelling somewhere new. For that reason alone, coming to Khaosan road offers more than budget-friendly accommodation. Eat your way through the world, all while staying in the same neighbourhood. Buckle up and get ready to find out why Khaosan road food is worth discovering!


Owing to the influx of travellers from all over, restaurants around the Khaosan area have evolved to match. There are cuisines from all over the globe represented, giving weary backpackers a taste of home. Now, it’s become more popular for adventurous locals to try some unfamiliar cuisines, too. What awaits hungry visitors looking for Khaosan road food? Have a look below:

  • Israeli: Shoshanna offers authentic Middle Eastern cuisine like falafels and hummus. They also feature standard Thai fare. Portions are generous, so come hungry!
  • Indian: Chilli Chill brings Indian spices to the Khaosan road area. Tuck into favourites like Tandoori chicken and spice-rich curries. Their menu includes many vegetarian and vegan-friendly options.
  • Canadian: Some say Bangkok Poutine is the touch-point for the city’s French-Canadian crowd. They claim to offer the most authentic rendition of Canada’s famous poutine. Come for the food and stay to read the guest-scrawled artwork decorating the walls.
  • Halal cuisine: There are two main options for hungry halal diners. First is A-isa Roddee. Venture inside to explore different dishes like their famous satay skewers or biryani rice. Otherwise, head to Roti Mataba to explore their mataba with different fillings or more dishes like curries and stews.
  • Japanese cuisine: Kansai Fu[ll] has been offering home-style cooking for the last 10 years. Step into the minimalist yet warm interior and feel like you’re somewhere else. Guests love their lunch options, with fancier sushi and premium beef options available.


Gone are the days when Khaosan road featured one bare-bones hostel after the other. The whole area has gone through many changes, while still keeping its magnetic vibe. Fun fact: Back in the day, it was the centre of milled rice trade that led to its name. But now it’s renowned as the backpacking pit-stop in Thailand. All these people need to eat somewhere of course! Which is why there are endless options to choose from. So come prepared with an open mind and a hungry appetite!


Street food is another highlight of Bangkok’s culinary scene. People say: You haven’t truly experienced Bangkok if you haven’t had street food! There’s a ton of Khaosan road food to be enjoyed local-style on the street, too. From grilled meat skewers to fresh fruit, fragrant noodle soups and just-fried rice dishes… the only limit is how much you can bear to eat! Streats Bangkok Khaosan has the answer for those craving a more western style of street food: baked goods! Streats Bakery is open daily and reknowned as the best bakery in Khaosan. Many guests decide to enjoy their croissant or pastry of choice in next-door Streats Bar & Bistro but enough take theirs to go. Grab a freshly brewed cup of coffee to pair with that baked treat for an energising snack on the road. There’s even a special daily discount for true-blue pastry lovers, with 50% off available from 7pm-9pm.


The perfect meal depends on who’s eating it and what the occasion is. But when it comes to the best Khaosan road food, Streats Bangkok is always a strong contender. It’s always time for a delicious meal at Streats, thanks to generous opening hours that start early and end late. Start your day with the buffet breakfast available at Streats Café that will keep you well-fueled for your Bangkok activities. Or, if waking up early is too tedious, Streats Bar & Bistro has you sorted. Their all day a la carte breakfast lives up to its name and is available from morning til 10:30 pm. The team at Streats Bangkok knows how it is. Looking for other types of cuisine to satisfy your cravings? The menu spans over 90 items and hits favourite dishes from Thai to Western cuisine.


Delve into the neighbourhood’s Thai roots and relish authentic dishes that are hard to find elsewhere. Streats Bar & Bistro proudly serves dishes like yum kamin khao and gang phed ped yang. Of course, the classic Thai dishes everyone recognises like som tum and tom yum kung get their own special spin! Or, go Western and dig into hearty portions like the oven-roasted pork ribs, fork-tender and covered in the signature BBQ sauce. It’s not a visit to Streats Bangkok if you haven’t tried the signature burgers and XL-hot dogs, too! Otherwise, go fusion and enjoy the best of both worlds. A tom yum seafood pizza sounds like a crowd-pleaser to us! Have a spoonful of the carefully crafted desserts that give the fitting touch to every meal. A perfect companion to the feast awaiting are the different drink options. Enjoy fresh fruit juices, creative mocktails and cocktails along with draught beer and house wine.



While Streats Bangkok’s chic yet comfy décor invites diners to linger, hang-out and catch up… there’s always an adventure waiting. If your hunger for Khaosan road food has been sated, why not explore further? Guests who aren’t staying in-house but dining at Streats Bangkok can make use of the on-site parking. Free parking for 5 hours with every THB 300 spent adds to the appeal. Get ready to embark on your new culinary journey!