Street food is and will always be a topic of interest for many. From Netflix documentaries to passionate blog posts and personal discussions, it’s a topic near and dear to many. You travel through your taste buds after all! So of course, street food is a beloved and key part of any Bangkok trip. Whether you’re a first-timer, Bangkok expert or a seasoned local, chances are you have sampled some at least once. But because it’s everywhere, the challenge is finding the best! Select carefully and save your appetite for the good stuff. Read on to find out just why you should make a stop to try and explore Khaosan road street food as soon as possible.



History lesson: Khaosan road actually used to be an area that sold milled rice, which lead to its name. However, it really started to get famous in the 60s and 70s as a cheap and cheerful backpacker haunt. Homey hostels and tour office counters would provide services for the backpackers, who would then journey onwards throughout Asia. Khaosan road had a second revival in the public eye decades later. It was featured in both the novel and movie version of “The Beach”, which led to a rowdier crowd of travellers. One thing remains constant: Travelers from all corners of the world feel drawn to this place. As a result, a vibrant eco-system of street stalls, restaurants, bars and shops has sprung up to support this crowd.



Because of its tourist-y reputation one might assume that the food around Khaosan road area isn’t the real deal. But don’t jump the gun! Of course there are some businesses that cater to basic tastes, but Khaosan road food has many treasures waiting for street food fans. Remember that Khaosan road is in the heart of Bangkok’s old town. The Banglamphu and Rambuttri neighbourhoods are renowned for their stalwart group of local vendors and family businesses. This means that there are still places dishing out hard-to-find food still brimming with flavour and authenticity. It’s a true melting pot and kitchen of long-cherished recipes.



The beauty of street food lies in its versatility. This is no different for Khaosan road street food. No matter your mood or craving, you will find something perfect. It’s the best opportunity to taste your way through all new dishes and drinks. These drinks are not to be missed! From freshly brewed and dramatically poured Thai tea to just-blended fruit shakes, you’ll be definitely refreshed!

Make sure your street food bucket list includes the below:

  • Pad Thai: The basic requirement. Choose your preferred protein to really tailor it to your taste.
  • Som Tum: Spicy papaya salad that is available in various renditions. Many Thai people consider this their favourite food!
  • Sticky rice & mango: A delicious and ever-popular Thai dessert.
  • Grilled meat & fish: Maximum street-side deliciousness. Grilled pork skewers and sticky rice are a popular breakfast or light meal choice.
  • Noodles: Dry or in soup form, egg noodles or rice noodles… there are unending options for you to try at least some!
  • Rice dishes: The staple of Thai cuisine. Fried rice, curry over rice, rice with Thai omelet… the possibilities are endless.
  • Fresh fruit: Tropical fruit on demand. What more do we need to say?



Eat wisely and you’ll be rewarded! Let the guidelines below help lead you on your very own street food journey.

  • Keep an open mind. Maybe you’ve never seen a particular ingredient or are not used to a flavour. Ask the locals if you have any questions, google it or simply live a little!
  • Follow the queue. The locals always know what’s good. A good rule of thumb is to frequent street food establishments that are having brisk business.
  • The fresher the better. It’s always great when you can see your food being prepared to order. That’s part of the street food charm!
  • It’s a marathon, not a race. Why limit yourself to just one or two dishes or drinks when you can graze? Plan your route carefully and get ready to go on a gastronomical journey!

Remember, just as they come in many flavours, street food’s appearance can take many forms. From meals on wheels, stalls or stands, it’s all about reaching their hungry audience in the most convenient way.



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So there you have it, a brief primer into the exciting and delicious world of Bangkok’s street food. Make a date to experience the best of Khaosan road street food yourself soon! Remember, the team at Streats Bangkok is on site to lend a helping hand or provide key local knowledge.