When somewhere, eat as the locals do. That’s a common refrain that travellers often hear and there is indeed wisdom to it. Of course, Thai food is a cuisine now well-known even on the international stage. So it makes sense that many visitors to Thailand want to dine at the source. Dive into the real flavours of it and all that. But did you know that this can also be found in Khaosan road? We have a Khaosan Thai restaurant waiting to be discovered by you: Streats Bangkok Khaosan!



What makes Thai food so popular? Some say it’s the sheer versatility. Thai food can be roughly grouped into 5 regional cuisines, each with their own unique character and style. But one thing all Thai food has in common is intricate flavours and attention to detail. Eating Thai food will always delight your palate and treat your eyes. More often than not, the food will not only taste good but have some kind of nutritional benefit, too. It’s all about the harmonious melding of flavours. As a result, Thai culture places great importance on food and having a great meal. Dining by your lonesome or with company? It’s all good.



Before we dig deeper, there’s always the question of what dishes to try when experiencing a new cuisine. While everyone has their own preferences, a starting point never harmed anyone. Get ready for our personal recommendation of Thai dishes to start with!

  • Tom yum kung: A fiery, herbaceous and irresistible soup served either with clear or creamy broth. Most popularly enjoyed with prawns, though available with other meat or as a veggie-only option.
  • Pad Thai: Probably the most well-known Thai dish! Enjoy the classic version with your choice of protein, or go luxe with the signature Lobster Pad Thai!
  • Larb: Finely minced meat, heat, toasted sticky rice powder and fresh herbs. The result is an irresistible meat salad that goes perfectly with sticky rice.
  • Yum: You’ll be saying “yum!” once you try this spicy salad! Available in many possible variants, but the Streats spicy seafood one will have you coming back for more.
  • Khao pad: A classic comfort meal. Enjoy this wok-fried dish with your choice of protein or classic vegetables only.
  • Mango & sticky rice: A classic Thai dessert, for good reason. Sweet, satisfying and highlighting the heavenly flavour of ripe Thai mango.

But of course, the list of delicious Thai food can go on and on. Discovering your personal favourites is part of all the fun!



Still don’t know where to start? How about trying what’s featured on the Streats Bangkok Khaosan a la carte menu. From popular must-try dishes to more obscure or even Royal Thai fare, you will definitely find a new favourite dish here. Streats Café also offers a weekday buffet that puts hard-to-find Thai dishes in the spotlight. From fiery chili dips made fresh, to Thai curries and kanom jeen noodles and various spicy Thai salads and more. There’s even daily Thai desserts to sate your sweet tooth, such as kanom chan, thong yod or refreshing shaved ice concoctions. See, whether buffet or a la carte, Streats is your one-stop Khaosan Thai restaurant. Need more convincing? The recipes used draw from the decades of experience from the hotel’s previous incarnation as the Viengtai hotel. Back then, Bangkokians all came to its renowned Thai restaurant Rosirin to enjoy signature dishes like kanom bueng and kanom jeen sao nam. These flavours remain to this day, just presented in a more modern setting!



Because really, what’s a meal without the right setting? A key factor in finding a great place to eat is its ambiance. A sit-down Thai meal doesn’t have to always be in traditional wooden houses and feature a dance show! You should be able to sit in comfort and unwind with company. But guess what, Streats Bangkok Khaosan is exactly that kind of Khaosan Thai restaurant. Come visit and find out how authentic flavours can blend with modern, inviting surroundings for something unique and true.



Why not explore the area while you’re here? Guests at this Khaosan Thai restaurant enjoy free parking for 5 hours at the onsite car park with every THB 300 spent per bill. Why not add a bit of exploration with this additional freedom? The neighbourhood around Streats Bangkok Khaosan is charming and renowned as a hub for street food for those in the know. There’s also another perk for photoholics. Many shop-houses have had their facades lovingly restored and make for a photogenic backdrop. Be sure to do a little bit of prior homework and try to find some authentic street food snacks! There are hard to find dishes like khao chae chao-wang, the “showerhead” snack or more simple fare like freshly fruit prepared for you on the spot. Whether day or night, you will find a memorable meal. Don’t be afraid to chow down on street-side papaya salad or grilled pork that just hits the spot!



So there you have it. When you visit Streats Bangkok Khaosan, you’re in for more than just a memorable meal. Treat yourself to some culinary delights and some urban exploration. You’ll be back for more than just one visit, we guarantee it! Stay tuned digitally as well by keeping tabs on Streats via its different social media handles.